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Giving local people a voice on health and social care services in County Durham

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Have Your Say

We gather views from patients and the public about their experiences of health and social care services. We then use this information to make recommendations to improve future services.


Young person's pharmacy survey

Healthwatch County Durham listens to people's experiences and gives you a voice on health and social care services. We want to learn more about your experience and knowledge of pharmacy services in your community. If you can answer these questions, your help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Young person's pharmacy survey

NHS Ten Year Plan

Healthwatch County Durham want you to share your thoughts on the NHS 10 year plan. There are two surveys that ask #WhatWouldYouDo to give people more control of their care and better support. These surveys are being completed nationally and your local NHS needs to hear from you about how it can provide better care for people living with these conditions. Have your say and help make services better for your community.

Survey 1 wants your views about what your local NHS can do to help you and your community to stay well, and to make the support available better. Tell us what is important to you when it comes to:

  • Being supported to live a healthy life
  • Managing and choosing the support you need
  • Keeping your independence and staying healthy as you get older
  • How you interact with your local NHS

Survey 1: general needs

Survey 2 asks for your thoughts on how it can provided better care for people living with cancer, mental health conditions, heart and lung diseases, long-term conditions (such as diabeted and arthritis), learning disabilities, autism and for people as they get older and experience conditions such as dementia.

Survey 2: specific conditions

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