Work Plan 2019/20

Find out more about the areas we'll be focusing our work on during 2019-20. These include a number of key items on the Work Plan for Healthwatch County Durham including Enter and View Visits and volunteering.
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The regular items on the Work Plan for Healthwatch County Durham, which we will continue to be working on are:

We'll also be working on some of the following areas across the county and engaging with the local community:

  • Pharmacy services for young people
  • Care navigation system
  • NHS 10-year plan
  • Supported living schemes for clients with learning disabilities

Pharmacy services for young people

Encouraging young people to access pharmacy services was something we put forward in our Access to Pharmacy Services report. This year our work will continue to support the County Durham & Darlington Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC). We are looking at ways to engage with young people across the area.

Our first steps with this latest piece of work has included initial contact with youth groups in the area and the creation of a survey that seeks the views of young people. The survey is intended to find out more about young people's experience and knowledge of pharmacy services in their community.

We will continue to promote ways for young people to access their local pharmacy and to be aware of what help is available.

Care Navigation System

Care Navigation is designed so that individuals receive the right care from the right place at the right time. Locally, care navigation has been developed with a range of partners and the Clinical Commissiong Groups (CCGs) want to ensure that their voices are included. Initial work was carried out in 2018 to evaluate the pilot - we did this by speaking with staff using the system and with patients who were part of it.

Following a period of engagement (November 2018 to March 2019), we have produced a report with our findings and recommendations. This report will be published on 1st May 2019. We will continue to support the use of care navigation.

NHS 10-year plan

Proposals for the NHS 10-year plan were published in December 2018. All local Healthwatch are working together to find out people’s views on the NHS 10 Year Plan and its priorities. The public engagement activity at a local level will take place in the February-June 2019 and £2,500 has been allocate to Healthwatch County Durham to facilitate this work.

In April 2019, Healthwatch County Durham supported the national survey ran by Healthwatch England and asked local residents to share their thoughts. There are two surveys that ask #WhatWouldYouDo to give people more control of their care and better support. We are also running focus groups to find out what your local NHS can do to help you and your community to stay well, and to make the support available better.

We will continue to promote opportunities for people to give their views on any proposals as they are being developed.

Engaging with LD clients in supported living schemes

We were approached by the local authority to undertake this work. The support delivered in a number of supported living homes was outsourced by the council in 2018 to a private provider. This work will enable us to speak with the residents and find out how they are supported in their home.

Visits to the supported housing schemes took place in February and March 2019. We met with the residents and spoke with them to see what they thought about the changes, if anything, and also enabled family/friends of the residents to let us know their thoughts.

Although this work started in 2018/19, it continued into the workplan for this year. We are currently finalising work on our findings and will submit a report to the commissioner with any feedback and recommendations.

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