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Getting results for stroke patients in service shake-up


We’re pleased to announce that the local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have accepted all the recommendations we made in our recent report about the design of new stroke services. This report was based on the views of more than 150 service users and family members and so this should help ensure any new services are more tailored to their needs.

We started working with stroke patients early in 2017, when many of them contacted us after being told the existing stroke service, run by the Stroke Association, was being decommissioned. They were worried about what – if anything - might replace it. We raised their fears immediately with commissioners, who agreed to extend the existing service until March 2018. That gave us time to gather more detailed views from stroke patients across County Durham about what they felt any new service should include.

We gave our report detailing the experiences and hopes of stroke patients to commissioners late last year and are extremely pleased they have now agreed to put in place new services with the Stroke Association, which will incorporate all of our recommendations. They said the report was “influential” in their decision-making. This means patients’ views really have been heard.

Our recommendations included ensuring all patients are given a personalised care plan and provided with simple literature about local sources of support, including emotional support. Read more in the full report.


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