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Update on Dental Services in the North East


Dental practices will look different as they will be operating in a way that observes COVID-19 social distancing and hygiene rules, as part of measures taken to ensure the safety patients and the dental team alike:

• Whilst practices are observing social distancing, patients should continue to telephone or email their practice, rather than attending in person without an appointment.

• If you have a regular dentist, you should call them as a first step. The dentist will assess your situation over the phone, including giving advice and, if needed, prescriptions for painkillers or antibiotics, or arranging treatment.

• If a patient does not have a regular dentist during the COVID-19 outbreak, they can still call any local dental practice as well as visiting 111.nhs.uk or call NHS 111 who will provide advice as appropriate.

• Out of hours for urgent dental issues the advice still remains to visit 111.nhs.uk or call NHS 111. Patients should not be visiting A&E departments or GPs with dental problems.

• For further information, please contact NHS England and NHS Improvement by emailing ENGLAND.DentalCNE@nhs.net or ENGLAND.YHdentalreturns@nhs.net.


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