Bowel Cancer Screening in County Durham

Our report looks into the uptake of bowel cancer screening in County Durham

April 2017 was Bowel Cancer awareness month and Healthwatch County Durham took the opportunity to research the uptake of bowel cancer screening in the county to see why some eligible people were not taking part in the screening programme and if there was anything that could be done to encourage more people to participate.

Our Recommendations

Following a review of our findings we would recommend the following actions:

  • Consider enclosing disposable gloves into the kits which may encourage more people to take the tests
  • Awareness raising to make people aware that they can still be screened after the age of 74
  • Give advice to patients with other forms of cancer that it is still important to carry out the test, explaining they will not necessarily have had any tests for bowel cancer as part of their ongoing treatment
  • Provide clearer instructions and easy read as this may encourage more people to take the tests

If I needed to take this test I would and also encourage others to do so. Having an Uncle who passed away due to this, would encourage me


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Bowel Screening Helpline: 0800 707 60 60

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