About our visits

We use the information people tell us about services to decide which local services to visit. 

We can do either an announced visit (where the provider knows we are coming) or an unannounced visit (where the provider is given no advanced warning). 

Most of our enter and view visits are announced. We only do unannounced visits if we feel it is the only way to ensure people are receiving the best care possible.  

After the visit

After our visit we will write and publish a report detailing our findings. We share this report with the people who make the decisions about the service and work with the service providers to help them make positive changes based on our recommendations. 

We normally publish our report for the public to read about 8 weeks after a visit. 

Two of our volunteers outside surgery

Meet our Enter and View team

Our enter and view staff and volunteers have a standard DBS check and are trained to a high standard.

They will wear an official badge to identify themselves when visiting a service on our behalf. 

Meet the team

two of our enter and view representatives

Our Enter and View policy

Our enter and view work is done using legal powers given to us by the act of Parliament that set up Healthwatch. 

We have a duty to write reports and make recommendations to improve services. 

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