Video Diaries Project

We are in the process of shaping a piece of work that will involve the making of ‘video diaries’ over the next 6 months- a short film that someone makes of the things that happen to them that maybe affects their health, over a period of time.
One of our volunteers, Helen

Helen Smith, one of our volunteers (pictured above) who will help carry out the project, is keen to make it happen. Now that we are able to go out more and meet people, Helen felt it would be useful to put down her thoughts and ideas on what she feels people need to be well generally, but especially for people with a learning disability.

On the area of ‘support’, Helen showed us that friendships and the chance to talk, are really important, as is the chance to help out in the community. Having access to a mobile phone is reassuring and having the chance to share experiences is nice too.

For leisure, Helen has listed her love of caravan holidays and dog walking. She has a passion for music, radio and theatre but also enjoys having quiet time. Therefore, we will be drawing on Helen's interest and skills in the video diaries project, as it evolves.

Helen outlined a ‘1, 2, 3’ keep safe in your community list (see photo below- 'this is our jobs'), which reminds people about being aware that people might have a learning disability and: 1. that its ok to ask for help 2. the importance of having a phone with you 3. it's important to let someone know where you are

Thank you, Helen, for doing this and well done. Watch out for updates on the video diaries project! 

Work from one of our volunteers, Helen
Work from one of our volunteers, Helen
Work from one of our volunteers, Helen