Enter and View Report: Murton Medical Group

Our report looks at the findings from when our authorised representatives visited Murton Medical Group in Seaham.

At this surgery one of our authorised representatives carried out 10 individual conversations with patients and staff, using a set of appreciative questions to give people the opportunity to describe good practice they had experienced or seen- three surveys were completed prior, by people who wanted to feedback on the service but did not have a GP appointment, on the day of our visit.

We observed activity and spoke to people during our two hour visit, to collect their own independent impressions of the practice and its services, which were recorded during and after the visit. A private space was available if patients felt the need to talk in confidence to us.


  • One of the most conveyed messages from the patients on the day, was how happy they were with the staff. The patients very much valued and appreciated the good relationships and service they receive at the surgery
  • Patients felt that there is a good balance of professionalism and friendliness between staff and patients and that they are listened to and not rushed. We witnessed examples of good and effective communication and we were told of positive teamwork with no hierarchy. Staff behaviors and culture is clearly to be celebrated and retained here
  • Being able to make an appropriate appointment was a priority for patients who generally said that appointments could be arranged in around two weeks, however some suggested that this was down to their own requirements (work pattern or preferred doctor for e.g.)
  • Patients valued where doctors had prior knowledge and family history
  • Where patients had to wait for an appointment it seemed that they weren’t aware of support through NHS111
  • There is some concern that the surrounding geographical, expanding developments will have an impact on the number of available doctors, so this should be monitored and managed
  • Patients told us how important the location of the surgery was, having everything under one roof was useful. We were told that there had been lots of improvements made and patients valued having the ‘Pod’ on site
  • We observed an accessible, comfortable clean surgery, background music playing with well thought out information and notices being displayed
  • There was mention of the need for materials to keep children occupied whilst waiting
  • There was no water dispenser available but patients told us water was provided, if requested
  • There were lots of positive comments about good ‘Services’ and ‘Systems’ here-issues such as ‘early diagnosis’, ‘good customer service’, ‘Don’t wait long to be seen’, ‘Good response time’, resulting in confidence in getting care when and where it was needed
  • There was mention of some problems around prescription procedure. We were informed that patients come with various queries and the surgery manages this as effectively as it can
  • We witnessed staff dealing with difficult situations on the day which clearly demonstrated their competence and professionalism
  •  There were clear and safe systems in place to manage visitors, as we were asked to sign in, given a visitor fob to wear and shown around the site, prior to starting the visit
  • The quality of services and systems in place are well managed and are very valued by the users-this should be maintained

Staff go over and beyond their job role to help


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