Enter and View - Bridge End Surgery

This report looks at the findings from when our authorised representatives visited Bridge End Surgery as ‘Enter and View’ and asking for feedback from the patients.

Our trained representatives went into Bridge End Surgery on 19th September 2023 to get feedback from the patients using the doctor's surgery. We carried out 20 individual interviews with patients and left surveys in the reception area prior to our visit. 7 were completed beforehand. We also received 3 additional comments left on 'comments' cards.

Here are some recommendations/highlights we raised with the surgery, you can find out more by reading our report (link below).


  • Can E Consult and other services, such as the pharmacy, be promoted to lower the demand of the telephone service for appointments.
  • Could GPs use more simple language whilst dealing with patients as some said they didn’t understand what they were saying, as they were using medical language.
  • Could the surgery display the staff structure, roles and what they do more clearly, either within the practice or on the website/social media.
  • Can the surgery promote, as simply as possible, how appointments are managed?


Download the report here. 

If you would like this information in a different format please contact us:


 0800 304 7039

Bridge End Surgery - Enter and View Report

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