1. Advice and Information -

    Routine dental care has had to change because of COVID-19, with many people struggling to access NHS services. Here’s some information on how to access an NHS dentist now COVID-19 restrictions are eased.
  2. Advice and Information -

    The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may cause you to feel worried, anxious, or scared. Read our tips to looking after your wellbeing.
  3. Advice and Information -

    If you have cancer, it’s understandable you might feel anxious about COVID-19. The Government and the NHS have both confirmed that cancer treatment should continue to be prioritised as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Advice and Information -

    Read about how coronavirus could affect you, your baby and your pregnancy care.
  5. Report -

    Our report looks at the views of young people in County Durham towards the COVID-19 vaccine programme.
  6. Report -

    Take a look at the minutes from our Board meeting held on 1st June 2021.
  7. Report -

    Our code of conduct sets out the expectations Healthwatch County Durham has of all those who work or carry out activities for it, in a voluntary or paid capacity, including board members, employees, students and volunteers.
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    Waiting for planned medical care or surgery can be a frustrating time. That’s why it’s so important that while you wait, you get regular, clear and accessible updates so that you can plan your next steps.
  9. Report -

    How easy is it for patients to get treatment with an NHS dentist? Discover our latest report on access to dentistry
  10. Report -

    Our Children and Young Person's Mental Health Report captures the views of children and young people in County Durham.
  11. Report -

    See our latest annual report for 2021-22 and discover our areas of priority for 2022-23.
  12. Blog -

    Derwentside and Easington have released a full calendar month of activities for all the family!

    Thanks to Home Group & Durham Mental Health Wellbeing Alliance, you'll never be bored this summer holiday!
  13. Report -

    Investigating people’s experiences of home care services was selected by the public as one of their top four priorities when we asked them to help us decide our workplan for 2020/21.
  14. Report -

    An update on accessing NHS dentistry. Our team know that many of you are experiencing problems accessing both routine and emergency NHS Dental care.
  15. News -

    Healthwatch is working with the NHS to improve the wellbeing of people in our area and across the region.
  16. Report -

    Our Over to You report reviews what is important to you and the people of County Durham about health and care.
  17. Report -

    Lights, camera, action! Check out Healthwatch County Durham's new video diaries, showcasing young people's experiences of mental health, services and support in County Durham.
  18. Report -

    This year when we asked the public about our work plan priorities, accessing GP services was still one of the priorities they identified.
  19. News -

    Healthwatch County Durham held an Annual Event on Wednesday 19th April, with health and social care representatives and communities invited along.
  20. Report -

    Discover what we've been up to over the last year, and how we have helped you to share your views and experiences in health and social care.
  21. Blog -

    If you or someone you care for have been discharged from hospital in the past year we would like to hear from you.
  22. News -

    Our Enter and View programme is back
  23. Advice and Information -

    St John's Ambulance have released a BSL accessible video to demonstrate how to carry out emergency CPR.
  24. Advice and Information -

    Find out what items you need to have in your home first aid kit and keep it stocked for any accidents that may occur. It is important to keep essential medical supplies in your home so you are always prepared for any accidents.
  25. News -

    News Update on health and social care for August 2023.
  26. News -

    News Update on health and social care and what is going on in County Durham in September 2023.
  27. Blog -

    We had a weekend of fun, sun and engagement with the public and received some great feedback!
  28. News -

    News Update on health and social care and what is going on in County Durham in October 2023.
  29. News -

    Our Inclusion Lead has been busy engaging with harder to reach groups, find out their progress and what we plan for in the next few months.
  30. Report -

    This report looks at the findings from when our authorised representatives visited Meadowfield Surgery as ‘Enter and View’.
  31. Report -

    This report looks at the findings from when our authorised representatives visited Ushaw Moor Surgery as ‘Enter and View’.
  32. Report -

    Our trained representatives went into Tow Law Surgery on 28th June 2023 to get feedback from the patients using the doctors surgery. We carried out 11 individual interviews with patients and left surveys in the reception area prior to our visit and 7 were completed beforehand.

    Below are some recommendations we have suggested to the surgery, you can find out more by reading our report linked below.
  33. Report -

    This report looks at the findings from when our authorised representatives visited Great Lumley Surgery as ‘Enter and View’.
  34. Advice and Information -

    With more than thirty recognised symptoms of menopause and growing awareness of the impact on day-to-day life, knowing what to look out for and what support is available can help you.
  35. Blog -

    Every month we will be getting to know a member of the team by asking them a range of questions. This month is Gail McGee, Project Lead of Healthwatch County Durham.
  36. Advice and Information -

    Getting enough sleep is important as it refreshes us, makes us feel more prepared for the day and makes us more resilient to whatever life throws our way. Have a look at these top tips to help you get a good night's sleep.
  37. News -

    Read our latest news update on health and social care and find out what we are working on.
  38. Report -

    This report focuses on what it is like for people in the d/Deaf community to access GP-led services in County Durham and what support they have received and what further support would help them. We have also spoken to GP practices to find out what support they provide to the d/Deaf community.
  39. Advice and Information -

    To help you through the winter months find out the benefits of staying active and social. Also, find out what County Durham has on offer to help in terms of groups and support.
  40. Report -

    This report looks at the findings from when our authorised representatives visited Bridge End Surgery as ‘Enter and View’ and asking for feedback from the patients.
  41. Report -

    In this report we have gathered feedback from patients to find out what people's experiences are of hospital discharge, what plans were in place for them and support received when they leave hospital.
  42. Blog -

    Every month we will be getting to know a member of the team by asking them a range of questions. This month is Chloe Bradbury, Engagement and Signposting Lead.
  43. Advice and Information -

    Many people who provide unpaid care are unaware of their rights. Find out more about the help and support you are entitled to.
  44. News -

    News Update on health and social care in County Durham, and what we have been working on in September 2023.
  45. Advice and Information -

    A year ago the Accessible Information Standard came into force. It requires any organisation providing NHS or social care to communicate in a way that everybody can understand. Here's a reminder of what you should expect.
  46. Advice and Information -

    We know from our conversations with the public that some patients report feeling rushed during appointments and struggling to make themselves heard. Here are some tips that could help you get the most out of visiting your GP.